A Different Kind of Law Firm

Briggs Norfolk LLP is a respected Lake Placid law firm servicing clients throughout New York State across diverse practice areas, from multimillion-dollar transactions, large litigation projects, and complex legal disputes, as well as local and smaller matters that require attention to detail. From our office location in the heart of the Adirondack Park, we service clients locally and regionally and in courts from Manhattan to Elizabethtown.

Ronald "Ron" J. Briggs, Matthew "Matt" D. Norfolk and Jenifer "Jen" R. Briggs utilize their combined experience to deliver results for their clients across a range of legal services. Ron is a former District Attorney and experienced problem solver with a focus on criminal defense, zoning and real property tax disputes.  Matt brings Manhattan law firm and international contract law experience to the partnership with a focus on land use, business tranactions and disputes and general litigation.  Jen is a former Judicial Clerk assigned to all land use appeals and focuses her practice on commercial and residential real estate and other transactional matters. The lawyers at Briggs Norfolk also represent individuals with personal injury claims arising out of automobile accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, construction projects, DWI defense and an array of other catastrophes resulting in serious personal injuries or death.  

We are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and counseling to individuals, businesses and governmental entities. Importantly, it is the priority to fully understand our clients' concerns, thoughts and needs to achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner.

At Briggs Norfolk, we recognize that the simple act of timely returning a telephone call or responding to an email message is important to clients. Our clients are kept well-informed of the progress of their files, and encouraged to communicate with the attorneys, ask questions and actively participate in case-strategy and the development of their file.

Briggs Norfolk LLP Staff