Sports Representation

Briggs Norfolk is dedicated to helping professional lacrosse players and collegiate and professional league coaches maximize their earnings potential and assist them in the contract negotiations. Led by Matthew D. Norfolk, in 2009, Briggs Norfolk began representing professional lacrosse players in connection with their player contracts and licensing and endorsement opportunities. As a part of the firm’s commitment to representing professional lacrosse players, Matthew became certified by the Professional Lacrosse Players’ Association as a Regional Attorney. This designation allows Matthew to negotiate player contracts with teams of the National Lacrosse League. Having played Division I college lacrosse at Cornell University and World Lacrosse for the U19 Iroquois Nationals World Team, Matthew has much in common with the players he represents and those who are working for the professional lacrosse leagues and manufacturers of lacrosse equipment or lacrosse-related products. Matthew’s past collegiate experience at Cornell also allows him to be a good judge of talent and evaluate prospective clients’ potential for success on and off the field. Growing up in the Watertown, NY area and playing at Immaculate Heart Central, lacrosse was and continues to be a big part of Matthew’s life.

For more information or if you are coach or professional lacrosse player looking for representation, please contact Matthew by calling (518) 523-5555 x-2 or by using the contact form.